Impact Study with Tobin Belzer

TischPDX was very pleased to be able to commission an exploratory impact evaluation conducted by sociologist Tobin Belzer. The purpose of this study was to explore how TischPDX alumni experienced being part of our Emerging Jewish Leadership Incubator and how their involvement in the EJLI has affected their thinking and actions since leaving the program.

The study found that “TischPDX robustly fortified participants’ Jewish trajectories and made a substantial contribution to the unfolding story of their Jewish lives.”

TischPDX alum: “After being in Tisch, I felt all in. Being part of the community helped me feel closer to the budding organization and made me want to show my face more. There are so many people creating things and I wanted to integrate that into my life. About 30% of the people from my cohort are still in my circle of Jewish friends and I am close with people from subsequent cohorts.”

Check out the study here.