About the Cohort Program

A 10 – 16 month program for young Jewish community builders, organizers, artists, hosts, and conveners who are unaffiliated with established Jewish community and interested in bolstering their leadership capacity in bringing together Jews across PDX.

Do you engage Jews on the East Side? Are you looking to gain more traction, create a community, or get support?

Be part of an incubator that's changing Jewish life on the East side of Portland.

“I joined TischPDX specifically for the training and education around social justice practices and to be exposed to perspectives and experiences different than mine.

I have been doing my best on my own to educate myself on topics related to racial-justice, equity and inclusion, but don’t always know where to turn for information or what my role is as a white, queer Jew in these conversations.

TischPDX is a safe space where I can learn and grow, participate in uncomfortable conversations in a way that feels accessible to me, and expand my perspective so that I show up as a better community leader and organizer.”

– Amanda Davidowitz, Cohort 4

The TischPDX cohort meets monthly to partake in wide ranging Torah study, exploration of Jewish yearly cycles, and skills workshops, all within a framework of anti-oppression theory and practice.

Our cohorts are primarily leaders who have been historically marginalized in Jewish communal life: younger Jews; trans and non-binary Jews; queer Jews; Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC); Sephardi and Mizrachi Jews; Jews with disabilities; and those raised outside Jewish community.

Designed to support members’ projects, our gatherings are opportunities to connect and collaborate. Examples of prior projects include:

  • Jewish New Moon Circles
  • Queer Mikveh experiences
  • Racial Justice Book Club
  • Jews of Color Collective
  • Dance Parties
  • LGBTQ+ Happy Hours
  • Counting the Omer Group
  • Passover & Other Retreats
  • Queer Alef-Bet Hebrew Learning
  • Jewish Yoga Classes
  • Song Circles

In addition to education and leadership training, participants cultivate mentorship with staff, advisors, and each other.

We invite diverse Jews engaging their peers in ‘Jew-ish’ programming, art, and activities to apply. Projects must be based on Portland’s east side to be eligible. TischPDX amitim (group members) receive a stipend for their active participation. If you have questions, please email Derekh (she/him), Co-directrix, [email protected].

Fostering Leadership. Igniting Growth.

"TischPDX has been instrumental in my development as a Jewish community organizer, event steward, and teacher. I have learned skills and analyses that have made my practice more consistent and dependable, felt held in the warm, emboldening accountability of a like-minded cohort, and made friends who I hope will be lifelong.

Thanks to TischPDX, I finally feel like I can step into my role as an official Jewish Educator in the community!"

Rocky Cohen, 2019-20 Cohort Member